Nikki Seigfreid was a West High School student when she met Young Life.   She didn't attend Young Life club much during high school but still went to camp after her senior year of high school.  In college, she participated in Young Life College; then, after transferring colleges, she became a leader of high school students at West high school.


Kenady​'s Story:

     I was baptized into the Catholic church as an infant and have attended Catholic school all my life. I understood who Christ was, what his mission here on earth was, and the immense sacrifice he had made for us. It wasn't until I started Young Life that I really started forming a personal relationship with Christ. I went to three clubs my sophomore year and heard the message from the leaders about this guy with an unfailing love for us. I also had heard about Young Life summer camp and watched the promotional video for Castaway Club. I signed up and went. On July 23, 2015, I committed my life to Christ while I was watching the sun set over the lake at Castaway. It was then that I decided I wanted Jesus to be with me for every step in my life. I began to explore the scripture and developing a more steady prayer life. In the past year and a half there has been definite low and high points. I have gone to fall camp two more times at Castaway as well as summer camp at Sharptop Cove in Georgia, which were good refreshers and helped me strenthen that relationship even more. Currently, I want Jesus and desire to strengthen my relationship. I want others to have the same experiences that I have had and start to develop the same sort of relationship that I have with him.


Tyler Kopp was a West High School student that graduated in 2016.  He attends the University of Sioux Falls. At college, he is a Young Life volunteer and an intern at a local church. He hopes to enter the ministry after college. Tyler has served our area by giving back to the community as a leader on Work Crew and Summer Staff at Young Life Camps. He also has served underprivileged kids on short term mission assignments in an orphanage in Haiti.


Emily's Story:

My faith hadn't played a very big role in my life due to not finding a stable church organization to call home until 10th grade. After finding a church that I felt comfortable in and connected to, my faith started to grow. I was nervous coming to college and trying to find friends and a church to surround myself with until I tried college Young Life. After being involved for just on semester, my faith has grown an incredible amount. I have discovered new things about myself through a relationship with God, and that there are so many people like me that share the same love for God. I have never felt more secure in my faith until joining Young Life.


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